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The ChatGPT Hype Is Over - Now Watch How Google Will Kill ChatGPT


Undeniably, ChatGPT stands out as one of the most significant internet breakthroughs of the past ten years. Demonstrating the capabilities of AI helpers to the wider audience in an unparalleled way, the AI chatbot has generated considerable excitement. The opportunities appear boundless, and it's clear this is only the start. It seems as though we are observing a substantial transformation in the integration of AI into our everyday existence.

ChatGPT is a  B-level MBA student  . It  Successfully completed the US Medical Licensing Examination. . Alright,  It is not yet capable of performing the complexities of aerospace engineering. However, it should be noted that nobody's flawless. The individual who invented Gmail took it to such an extent that... say  It will "eradicate" the SERP, "obliterating the most crucial element of [Google's] enterprise."

Hold on a second. Are we actually convinced that ChatGPT will take down Google? I'm skeptical about that.

The initial disadvantage refers to the inevitability that pioneering, innovative technological products will ultimately be integrated as features within well-established platforms.

Numerous occasions exist where being the earliest to introduce a product or service to the market did not result in long-term success.

Recall the apps Meerkat and Periscope? As soon as they gained significant traction, Facebook adopted the idea of live streaming video and integrated it as Facebook Live directly within their service.

As Snapchat gained popularity, Instagram took note and implemented the Stories feature, which was then also adopted by Facebook. Despite the challenge posed by Instagram's Reels and YouTube Shorts, TikTok has remained resilient. However, it's clear that Google and various other platforms are transitioning towards a greater emphasis on delivering content that is visually oriented.

[TIP] The public's reaction to ChatGPT serves as the most valuable user research that Google could have possibly received without any cost.

Google appeared to be slightly unprepared when ChatGPT was initially released. It was as though they were taken by surprise. reports  In December, company executives initiated a "code red," indicating that they perceived this technology to be a legitimate competitive risk.

It has been suggested that ChatGPT will put an end to Google's dominance, but to assert such a claim... ~28 million times  At the moment of penning this article, it is to overlook all the efforts made by Google to cement its position as the default search engine.

Google has the distinct advantage to take the initiatives begun by OpenAI and propel them into the mainstream in a way that no other company is capable of.

What is the operational mechanism of a search engine that relies on AI chat technology?

Reinforcement Learning

My colleague  Ethan Lyon  Recently, in a discussion on this topic, someone raised a very insightful point:

"ChatGPT, or future sophisticated language models, are expected to utilize reinforcement learning techniques."

 Ethan Lyon, Head of Innovation.

Google uses  reinforcement learning  Today, they employ a method of machine learning to refine their search algorithms. This technique uses algorithms that are reinforced or discouraged to facilitate learning and enhancement. The more frequently the algorithm receives reinforcement for a specific behavior, the more likely it is to consistently adopt the action that resulted in the positive reinforcement.

In the context of Google, the incentive could be a measure such as the duration of engagement with the search engine, prompting its algorithms to display search results that encourage users to linger longer on its search engine results pages.

You refine a reinforcement learning system by incorporating input from people. To gather that input, it's essential to ensure that more individuals are able to interact with the AI.

Enter Google, the website that  more humans visit  than any other in the world.

Google continues to be, and is expected to maintain its position as, the leading search engine.

By incorporating AI-driven conversational capabilities into its essential search offering, it is set to retain its position as the foremost search engine, given that it boasts the most extensive collection of indexed content. The most potent cycle of user responses .

Every time an individual uses Google and engages with the search outcomes, Google gains additional insights for its algorithms. Each interaction, be it a click, a momentary pause, or a cursor motion, helps to refine its machine learning systems to better align with user preferences.

The company  Every year, an expenditure amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars is made. To sustain an active diagram of the internet and guide individuals to their desired destinations at any time they wish to arrive.

Therefore, what implications does this have for the advancement of Search technology?

 Despite the widespread excitement, the way the industry has reacted to ChatGPT suggests that this type of technology has become a permanent fixture. .

On Monday, February 6th, 2023, Google unveiled their new experimental chatbot AI technology. Bard  Constructed on the foundation of their LaMDA model, which has undergone two years of development.

We observed Bing hastily organizing a media briefing. announce  The integration of their ChatGPT with Bing was announced within 24 hours after Google's announcement.

Next, the Chinese search behemoth Baidu made public their development of an artificial intelligence-driven conversational agent, propelling the endeavor forward. 16% increase in stock value  .

It's possible that the appearance of Google's future search engine results pages (SERPs) will be significantly different. like this  It should resemble a dialogue with referenced sources rather than a collection of advertisements and hyperlinks. We don't know yet. 

Today, I am assured that Google will continue to utilize its unparalleled database and vast user network to enhance its algorithms and provide the highest quality results it can achieve.

Search engines continually strive to provide solutions to factual questions. Google has progressively developed methods such as the Knowledge Graph and Answer Boxes to respond to users' inquiries with precise information. Nevertheless, this creates a niche for brands to produce subjective content that highlights their distinct knowledge and perspective. E-E-A-T takes on an increased significance. in an AI powered search world.

It's certainly going to be thrilling to observe the developments of this situation as they happen in the upcoming months!

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